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Our goal is to streamline project processes for a partner company by providing guidance, assisting with technical solutions, and ensuring effective implementation. Here's an overview of the services we offer:

1. Early-stage Support:

   - Swift project initiation to deliver audio and video solutions on time.
   - Assisting in gathering essential data for commercial proposals.

2. Commercial Proposal Preparation:

   - Selecting and estimating equipment based on technical requirements.
   - Providing commercial proposals with comprehensive technical information.
   - Assisting with additional documentation for proposals.

3. Competitive Technical Specification Writing:

   - Composing and formatting various specification types.
   - Integrating technical aspects with other project systems.
   - Assigning qualified specialists to each task.

4. Engagement in Client Negotiations:

   - Assisting during client meetings to gather project information.
   - Defending audio and video system projects and addressing client queries.
   - Participating in production meetings for issue resolution.

5. Technical Support during Commissioning:

   - Monitoring installation progress to ensure adherence to specifications.
   - Conducting final tuning and calibration of audio and video systems.
   - Assisting in the facility handover process.

6. Employee Training and Technical Support:

   - Elevating professional skills through seminars and training sessions.
   - On-site training for client personnel on system operation.
   - Providing technical support even after project completion.

7. Service and warranty support

By offering these services, we aim to enhance efficiency, deliver high-quality solutions, and foster long-term partnerships with our clients.