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VGD Project, the exclusive distributor of L-Acoustics and Ayrton in the Baltic States, is dedicated to supporting the partners by providing cutting-edge solutions, professional consulting, design, and implementation services for cultural and entertainment industry facilities.

To ensure project success, engineers from VGD Project carry out electro-acoustic design using L-Acoustics systems and develop lighting concepts based on Ayrton solutions. Depending on the project requirements, we assist the client in making the right choices through qualified calculations and visualizations.

Key aspects of our support include project implementation oversight, achieving planned results through final calibration of installed systems, and training: conducting authorized staff training on-site for the client.


As the exclusive distributor of L-Acoustics, Ayrton and Leyard for the Baltic States, VGD Project supports our partners in their projects with solutions based on the top professional sound and light technologies. 

The technical personnel of our authorized partners annually attend the special education programmes to work correctly with professional light, sound and video system.



To ensure the successful design of a sound system for your project, our engineers offer architectural drafting and sound system design services.
Control of installations, calibration and participation in the object commission are important of our supporting.


The main goal in working with rental companies is to undertake the preparation of a technical solution for their tour project.

We provide the partner company with documentation, calculations, educational support, and of course, support during tours and show events. 



Our engineers can provide a sound solution based on electroacoustic design with acoustic calculations as well as LED solution with measurement of angles for comfortable viewing.


VGD Project is the certified L-Acoustics training center for the Baltic States and CIS. L-Acoustics education program is adapted for sound engineers and sound designers who strive to get the best predicted results by working with L-Acoustics and L-ISA systems. Our engineers train the technical personnel to properly work with the installed systems.