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L-Acoustics L2

Ultra-dense line source
Best-in-class SPL/m, SPL/kg, SPL/m2
Integrated Cardioid
Fast & errorless mechanical deployment
2 elements, 4 coverage patterns (70°/90° L-R/110°)
High-resolution Autofilter
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Part of the L Series, L2 is a full range progressive line source element designed for medium to large sized mobile and installation applications.

Based on the Progressive Ultra-dense Line Source (PULS) technology, L2 offers an unprecendented combination of sonic performance, power-tosize and weight ratios, with ease of deployment.

Housing eight 3” compression drivers loaded on DOSC waveguides, eight 10” drivers and four 12” drivers mounted on the sides, L2 delivers broad bandwidth with reinforced LF contour and high output capacity. The combination of high component density in a single element ensuring close proximity between them and the 16 channels of DSP and amplification provided by the LA7.16(i) produces an unprecedented level of control and sonic consistency.

L2 is shaped in a progressive mechanical arrangement producing 10° of vertical control and feature four user-adjustable modules of PanflexTM to increase horizontal coverage flexiblility. Up to four L2 or three L2 and one L2D elements can be assembled to form a fixed J-shape line source, via a captive rigging system, that automatically locks securely. The absence of inter-element angles assures errorless setup and substantially increases speed of deployment. The combination of size and transportation accessories facilitate on-site deployment and reduces truck and storage space needs.
Max SPL 155 dB
Bandwidth 45 Hz- 20 KHz
Directivity V: 10° H: 70° / 90° / 110° Panflex Integrated cardioid