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MiniPanel FX

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MINIPANEL FX is a versatile new multi-function and multi-use luminaire that combines the same main features and essential components as the MAGICPANEL FX, in an ultra compact format.

Fitted with four squared 65 mm lenses, the proprietary optical zoom system ensures a 15:1 zoom ratio, with a wide range of 3.6° to 53°. The crisp separation between the beams that enhances contrast, combined with an optical system using no visible moving parts and a stationary transmitting lens, offers new possibilities for creating graphical effects. Effects capabilities can be coupled with beam, wash or matrix applications to produce superb results whether performing in front of the audience or camera.

Highly compact, light, ultra-fast and powerful, MINIPANEL FX is equipped with four new low-etendue 35 W RGBW multi-chip LED emitters paired with a high-efficiency optical system.

The fixture offers an overall luminous flux of 2400 lumens and a centre-beam luminous intensity of 331,200 candelas for an overall consumption of only 200 W. The continuous, unlimited, rotation on pan and tilt, first introduced on the legendary MAGICPANEL 602 in 2013, is standard. MINIPANEL FX is equipped with extended serial connectivity and can be controlled via DMX-RDM or a wireless link using CRMX TiMo RDM from LumenRadio™.

Light Source 4 x 35W - RGBW
Lumens 2,400
Beam Aperture 3.6° to 53°
Movement Infinite Pan & Tilt
Front Lenses 4 x square 65 mm