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L-ISA Technology training in Riga

System engineers and technicians are invited to attend an introductory course dedicated to L-ISA technology and the concept of designing an immersive L-ISA system.

Our exclusive technologies are designed to ensure the success for any projects of our partners. By investing in the best technologies, we can create project solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. In addition, we provide training and local instruction to support rental and system integration companies in fully utilizing this technology.

Our goal is to be a reliable partner in the success of our clients' rental and fixed installation projects, providing them with the technical solutions necessary to offer excellent sound and light experiences.

This February, don't miss the change to join the trainings that will be located in the VGD's Education center in Riga and conducted by the Engineers Applications - Alexander Ananiev and Andrey Akhromeev, certified trainers for L-Acoustics and L-ISA programs.

February 6, System and Workflow

This course introduces users to the L-Acoustics system approach and project workflow, giving an overview of all L-Acoustics tools and all professional roles involved. This is a prerequisite for all other product training courses.

February 7, L-ISA Technology

Start your immersive journey with an overview of L-ISA Technology, from loudspeaker system design, object-based mixing, immersive audio algorithms to project workflow.

February 8, L-ISA Loudspeaker System

Master key system engineering steps in planning and deploying L-ISA systems: loudspeaker system design, implementation, and calibration.

February 9, L-ISA Loudspeaker System

Create an immersive live mix, directly from your desk input channels or from an original left-right mix.

To view the detailed program of each training and sign up, please visit: