VGD Team would like to express a word of thanks to Colleagues from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia for their interest to L-Acoustics and coming to the Open Day on May 23 where we were transfering our knowledge and experience in work with L-Acoustics sound.

We talked also about L-Group as a new structure. We presented the new products of 2016 - KS28 and LA12X - as well as X series with its demonstration .
Most people was pleasantly shocked from these small 5xt with their sound quality! All the speeches were translated through the 5XTs (4). 
Igor Novikov our thecnical director talked about L-Acoustics sound in theatres and open air objects and made perfect comments during ARCS WIDE, KARA and KIVA demostration. 
We would like to note specially about the professional tuning of the demonstrated L-Acoustics systems with the help of Soundvision. It is truely hard job by Alexander Ananiev, our acoustics engineer. Thanks to the perfect tuning all the systems sounded in their best.

We thank our Baltic Partners Rock Distribution (Latvia) and STS (Lithuania) for a big support with KARAKIVAARCS WIDEX Series!

We thank also for all the managers from Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel for their help in organization of our sounding Event.

See you all next time!

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