FRANKFURT, Germany - Prolight + Sound Hall 3, Level 1, Booth C11 -- Today, at the opening of the Prolight + Sound conference, L-Acoustics announced the launch of the KS28, a new reference subwoofer, adding 3dB of SPL (versus the SB28) and exclusively driven by the new LA12X amplified controller.

The KS28 brings sub performance to a new standard, offering extended bandwidth down to 25 Hz, outstanding low frequency resolution, exceptional SPL and tight impact. Weighing only 79 kilograms (174 pounds) and epitomizing the ease of use that is the hallmark of an L-Acoustics enclosure, the sub is rapid and cost-effective to deploy, with all rigging integrated into the box. Like its predecessor, the KS28 is suitable for performances from classical or contemporary music through to EDM or green field music festivals.

L-Acoustics is also launching the LA12X, a new amplified controller with 12,000 watts of power, thanks to its smart DSP-controlled Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) with Power Factor Correction. Boasting up to 3,300 watts per channel with record hold times, the LA12X is capable of operating from 100 to 240 volts while offering the highest tolerance to unstable mains. Universal SMPS ensures the LA12X can be taken around the globe while boosted DSP resources with AVB means the amp is future-ready. The most powerful amplified controller to date, the four-in-by-four-out architecture of the LA12X will make it a strong and economical choice for both rental and install projects.

The LA12X launch is accompanied by that of the LA-RAK II, an updated touring rack offering worldwide compatibility in one sole model.

The duo of KS28 and LA12X will set a new benchmark by offering more power and better low-end resolution than any similar sized solution out there, says Florent Bernard, Director of Applications, Touring at L-Acoustics. Weve tested the products over the last three months in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The feedback from this pilot program is universally positive, with sound engineers telling us theyve heard details in their mix that theyd never heard before. We are confident that the KS28 and LA12X will offer amazing new possibilities to rental providers and integrators.

The new products are available for order immediately and will begin shipping in May.